Introducing My New Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool

Introducing My New Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool

Going through IVF can be an incredibly intense process, be it emotional, physical and financial. Prior to starting IVF, it’s normal to want to know what your chances of being able to produce a genetically normal (called ‘Euploid’) embryo through IVF are. This is by far one of the most common questions I get from my patients, which is why I am so incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Euploid Embryo Predictor tool here on The Lucky Egg blog!

As the name might suggest, this AI-powered tool is designed to predict the probability of producing at least 1 euploid embryo through IVF based on the age and AMH level of the patient. At the heart of this tool is a machine learning model that has been trained using thousands of real clinical IVF outcomes.

How does AMH and Age Impact Embryo Development?

Age and Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) levels play pivotal roles in the process of creating genetically normal embryos, both through intercourse or assisted reproduction techniques like IVF. As women age, the quality and quantity of their eggs typically decline, reducing the chances of producing euploid embryos—those with the correct number of chromosomes. AMH, a hormone secreted by ovarian follicles, serves as a vital indicator of a woman’s ovarian reserve. Higher AMH levels generally suggest a larger quantity of available eggs, potentially increasing the probability of generating euploid embryos. My tool leverages these fundamental insights by utilizing a patient’s age and AMH levels to predict the likelihood of creating at least one euploid embryo.

How does the Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool Work?

Now while I consider myself an excellent REI, I am not a data scientist or computer programmer. To build this AI model, I’ve collaborated with my husband Bobby and his team at the BlueLabel AI consultancy. Using a dataset of ten thousands of clinical outcomes, we were able to create a Machine Learning (ML) model that ‘learned’ the mathematical relationship between AMH, age and successful embryo creation.

The tool takes as an input your age and AMH level. It outputs a probability that represents the percent chance of producing at least 1 euploid embryo during your first IVF cycle. It does not predict the probability of having a live birth, as that will depend further on the number of euploid embryos created and their associated implantation rates.

Using the AI model underlying the Euploid Embryo Predictor Took, I’ve created the following table which lists the minimum AMH level for each age between 29-44 in order to have a 50% probability of producing at least 1 euploid embryo during your first IVF cycle.

AgeMinimum AMH Level (ng/mL)
The minimum AMH level required for at least a 50% probability of producing 1 euploid embryo as per the Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool.

For the data scientists and AI enthusiasts out there, the model we trained is a stacked ensemble binary classification model. The model performs reasonably well on its validation dataset, with an AUC of .84 and a MSE of 0.14.

The dataset that was used to train the model is heavily skewed towards patients within the age bands of 29-44. That means for ages that fall outside of this range, the accuracy of the tool falls off sharply. This is why I’ve restricted the use of the tool for only those ages between 29 and 44.

How to Access the Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool?

The Euploid Embryo Predictor Tool is completely free and available here. You can also access it by using the navigation menu and finding it under “IVF Tools & Calculators”. This is the 4th tool I’ve created for my blog, joining my Beta hCG Level Calculator, the IVF Due Date Calculator and Egg Freezing Success Calculator.

As always, I want to remind you that this tool is for educational purposes only and is based on insights derived and approximated off of clinical data. There are many individualized factors that might impact your ability to create genetically normal embryos outside of age and AMH. Please do not, under any circumstance, use my tool as a substitute for a conversation you and your RE should have about your fertility.

My name is Lucky Sekhon and I'm a double board-certified OBGYN, and Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility specialist practicing at RMA of New York. My mission is to empower women with practical and scientifically accurate information to make the right fertility decisions for themselves.

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