Egg Freezing Success Calculator

Welcome to the Lucky Egg blog and my Egg Freezing Calculator. I’m Dr. Lucky Sekhon and I am a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility specialist at RMA of New York.

One of the most important questions my egg freezing patients have is “how many genetically normal embryos should I expect from my frozen eggs?”

I’ve created this calculator to help you to answer this question. Simply enter the age you were when you froze your eggs and the number of mature eggs frozen and my calculator will tell you approximately how many genetically normal (Euploid) embryos you can expect and how many live births might result from those eggs.

As always, this tool is not a substitute for professional medical advice and is only meant to be used as an approximation. Please speak to your RE or OB to confirm all of the displayed information. Note, none of your information is stored in anyway by this tool.

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This egg freezing calculator tool is for educational purposes only. The calculator is based on predictive modeling derived from standard, average, general statistics and there is no guarantee or assurance that the numbers presented here will accurately predict the clinical outcome for any given individual. For medical concerns, including questions regarding personal clinical decisions, users should always consult their physician or other qualified healthcare professional.